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Are you looking for a reliable 1688 agent in Nigeria to help you ship from China? Then welcome to Getittome. Getittome is Nigeria's most reliable 1688 buying agent in Nigeria and West Africa. We help individuals and businesses procure directly from sites such as 1688, Alibaba, Taobao, and more. Check us out today and let us help you purchase your next good from 1688.

How to buy goods from 1688?

You buy goods from 1688 practically the same way you buy from any other e-commerce website. You search for the goods, indicate the one you want, make the purchase, and initiate the shipping. But because it is in the Chinese language and because the website caters to the domestic community in China, you might need the help of a 1688 agent or a china procurement agent to help you communicate with suppliers and help you ship your goods from China.


What is 1688?

1688 is a Chinese e-commerce platform where people from all over the world can buy goods from China. It is a large platform for wholesalers, manufacturers and trading companies known for its affordable products and large MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

Is it reliable to buy at 1688?

Yes, the 1688 platform is a very reliable platform for both sellers and buyers. You can buy from 1688 using Getittome

How can I order from 1688?

You can either order yourself or use an agent because of the language barrier. If you use an agent such as Getittome, we will help you handle the order and shipping on your behalf.

How do I picture search on 1688?

Due to the language barrier, some buyers prefer to picture search on 1688. How do you do that? Check out this article that will guide you through the process