Best Practices and Tips

1. Searching Tips

Due to the machine’s translation, sometimes the translated text may not be 100% accurate, which makes the search result of the products are not correct. Don’t worry and be frustrated in this case. You can simply solve it by trying other words like synonyms to retry the search to find the target products.

Don’t use too long keywords to make the search as it will bring more irrelevant results. You can try using your kernel keywords instead to make the searches.

1.Price and quality

Basically, seller/suppliers will list the different prices for the different purchase volumes/quantities. You can get lower price if you purchase more. Also, your order must meet the minimum order condition as it’s the prerequisite for purchasing. If your order quantity is less than the MOQ,your order will not be accepted.

1. Always get samples

Different sellers/providers will offer items with different qualities. You always need to purchase samples or MOQ orders first to check the quality first before you decide big orders. This is every easy to understand, but you always need to keep in mind.

1. Avoid Sensitive and Fragile Items

Some items like knife and gun related items or liquid, batteries items, they are usually restricted by shipping companies and it’s not suggested that you purchase them to bring troubles. For fragile items, you always need to consider the high risk in shipping process as nobody will cover the risk or loss for you.

1. Avoid cheap but big and heavy items, except shipping by sea.

Sometimes, you may find some chairs or other big items are cheap and with good designs. Yes, sometimes they are, but they are also very big and heavy. If you purchase them, you will face the high shipping cost that you don’t want

to undertake. So, don’t purchase them except you are confident and have found a very cheap way like sea freight to ship them.

Do you have any idea of what you do not want to buy?

Are you confused on what products to start with ?

Then get our other write up on evergreen items that can never go wrong to start business with, this re products that have always been around and are still in demand they are different from seasonal products that fade out in the market

Hopefully I've opened your mind to start small business from home with minimal capital and low risk. You can learn more on your own .. no problem. but if you need guidance from someone with experience and "proven result" contact us at Getittome and we will be happy to give you free mentorship till you achieve your much desired success in mini importation  ..

Thank you

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