How to Find products on is very similar to, and the only difficulty you while face is how to find the product you want is the Chinese language. In order to solve this obstacle, you need the translation tool to get the single page or the whole website translated into your local language. The following tools are recommended:–Google Chrome Browser: (Strongly Recommended)

Chrome browser is having built in translate function that helps you translate pages from another language to your local language or your specific language. You will see how it works later.

1. First, keep in mind that Chinese Character keywords should be used in’s search. English keywords will only bring fewer results. So, you always need to input Chinese keywords in the search box. Well,     we know you may not able to type Chinese, so we have created a solution to make this easy and smooth.

2. You can use the Search Entry/Portal on, you only need to type English keywords inside and click “Search on”, the keyword will be automatically translated into Chinese and sent to       , followed by a popped up search result page from The Search Entry/Portal can be found in head part of any page on

Lets see how this works, i will show you an example with a cloth i just saw on instagram and i would want to source same to resell on my out platform

Below is the result i got using the above picture to search / source what i am interested in buying in china. Good point to know is it might not get exactly what you re sourcing all the time but it will definitely bring out all that is similar or exact as the item searched like here el

As you can see, the search keyword or picture can be used and in case of keyword it would  translate into Chinese and the related results were searched out.

Chrome’s show time. I know your concern and question might be, but what if i would want to browse directly on the china site and get the link before searching it on Getititome China, the page is in completely Chinese!!! No worry, now here is what to do

You only need to open the site on chrome then right click on any blank part of the page, and select “Translate to English”, the Chrome browser will translate the whole page into English for you.

Looks good!? Yes! The page is now readable. You can select the item and click into the item details to see more items details, just as you are browsing on English or Ebay. And the Chrome browser will always give the option for you so you can keep it translating any page in this site into the language you specified. It’s really awesome!

So, with the Chrome browser, and the Search Entry/Portal from, you can easily search and find target products on and other china sites but  you will see different prices from all the chinese sites but you will see 1668 prices are amazing… And it’s not complicated at all….This is the secret those who you see selling and have never traveled to china have been using and refused to share with you