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1688 & Taobao Items Categories in English

If you have a challenge creating account on the above accounts or  language barrier when shopping on 1688/Taobao, this page will  help to you direct products categories. We also got good number of keywords in chinese can use on 1688/Taobao in searching for best results

Many and many oversea friends turn their eyes to China for Taobao shopping in recent years. Taobao is undoubtedly the best choice for online shopping enthusiast. However, you may find it hard to search if you do not know any Chinese. Even though you can use Chrome+Google translator to browse English Taobao, but if you have no idea how to search, it will be difficult to find what you need.

If you have the same situation, no need to worry anymore after you come to this page.

1. Use Taobao English keywords after you turn Taobao pages to English with Google translator. You can see that we list many keywords on this page for each kind of items. For example, if you want to buy a gift for your children, you can use “building block, early education, Parent-child toy, etc.”

2. Add precise keyword when search. For example, if you want to buy a dress, and you input "women dress" in the search bar, all kinds of dress shops will be shown and it takes time to find the one you want. We suggest you adding a precise keyword to narrow down the range. For example, there can be these groups “winter, summer, sweet, Lolita, lace, young's, wedding, cotton, etc”. Adding a precise word such as Lolita dress, then all shops shown will be this kind, and it saves you lots of time.

3. For question on quality and how to know good sellers we advice you check the transaction grade of sellers. If the grade is high, then in most times he is reliable. If it is a new seller, then you need to be careful. Because he may send the items very slowly, or sell bad quality items.

Hope this page can give you an assist to find the item you want, also help to save your time searching on 1688 or Taobao!

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T-shirt | Jeans | Casual pants | Shirt | Jacket | Sweater

After you’ve mastered the Taobao buying process, you’ll need to arm yourself with search terms and keywords to find the best products.

Men’s Apparel Taobao Keywords

T-Shirt T恤
Short Sleeved Button Down Casual Tops 短袖休闲衣Male
Long Sleeved Button Down Casual Tops 长袖休闲衣Male
Sleeveless Tops No袖衣Male
Formal Shirts 衬衫Male
Casual Shorts 休闲短裤Male
Casual Pants 休闲长裤Male
Jeans 牛仔裤Male
Formal Pants 西裤Male
Formal Jacket 西装外套Male
Casual Varsity Jacket 棒球外套Male
Caps 球帽Male
Formal Shoes 皮鞋Male
Sneakers 休闲鞋Male

Women’s Apparel Taobao Keywords

Tops 上衣
Dress 连衣裙
Skirt 半身裙
Off Shoulder 一字领
V Neck V 领
Slimming Effect 瘦身 / 显瘦 / 收腰
Shorts 短裤
High Waist 高腰
Korean Style 韩版
American / European Style 欧美风
Vintage 复古
Heels (Low / Medium / High) 跟鞋(高 /中 / 低)
Sneakers / White Sneakers 球鞋 / 小白鞋
Flats 平底鞋

Activewear Taobao Keywords

Dry Fit T-shirt 速干运动T恤
Sports Bra 运动胸罩
Tights 运动紧身裤
Sweatpants 运动裤
Long Sleeved Tops 跑步长袖衣
Sports Jacket 运动外套
Yoga Mat 瑜伽垫
Yoga Pants 瑜伽裤
Sleeveless Dry Fit Tops 速干背心
Sports Shoes 运动鞋
Quick-dry Socks 速干袜子
Knee Guard 运动护膝
Ankle Guard 运动护踝
Hair Tie 发圈

Party Taobao Keywords

Triangular Banners 三角旗
Tassels 纸流苏
Paper Fans 纸扇花
Balloons 气球
Cake Toppers 蛋糕插Piece装饰
Table Skirting Tutu 沙桌裙
Table Cloth 派对桌布
Paper Pom Poms 牡丹纸花球
Birthday Banner 生日快乐拉旗
Photobooth Props Take Photos道具
LED Alphabet Lights LED 英文字母灯装饰
Disposable Cutleries 一次性餐具
Dessert Display 甜品展示架

Office Taobao Keywords

Laptop Stand 平板电脑抬高架
Pen Holder 笔筒
Desktop Organiser 桌面收纳盒
Wireless Mouse No线鼠标
Wireless Keyboard No线键盘
Wrist Cushion 鼠标护腕枕
Thermal Bottle 保温杯
Mugs 马克杯
Seat Cushion 椅子坐垫
Back Support 椅子靠垫
Mini Speaker 迷你蓝牙音箱
Mini Fridge 迷你桌面冰箱
Desktop Planner 桌面周计划本可撕
Wire Organiser 电线收纳

Pets Taobao Keywords

Cat Collar 猫颈圈
Dog Collar 狗颈圈
Cat Clothing 猫衣服
Dog Clothing 狗衣服
Food / Water Bowl 宠物食物碗 /宠物食物碗水
Bed 宠物床
Toys 宠物玩具
Scratch Post 猫抓柱
Retractable Leash 宠物自动伸缩牵引绳
Cat Litter 猫砂
Cat / Dog Food 粮 / 狗粮
Cat / Dog Treats 零食 / 狗零食
Cat Hammock 猫吊床
Cat Shelf 猫爬架

Taobao search terms?

I'd like to have a few handy terms for searching on Taobao. I won't restrict this to lolita though, since I know I'll be shopping there for other stuff. The terms I know are (I don't know Chinese, I just found them):

Man = Male
Woman = Female
lady = 淑Female
princess = 公主
himegyaru = 宫廷 / 复古 / 公主风 / 华丽 / 公主 / 公主裙 / 日系 / 蝴蝶结 / 蝴蝶 / 蕾丝
punk = 庞克
gothic = 哥德
lolita = 洛莉塔/洛丽塔 / 羅麗塔
One-piece dress = 连衣裙
Jumper skirt = 背心裙
generic term for dresses or sundresses = 洋装
Coat = 外套
Wool coat/jacket = 大衣
Jacket = 夹克
bolero = 贝壳衫
shawl = 披肩
cardigan = 小外套
bunny hoodies = 兔外套
T-shirt = T恤
Blouse/cutsew = 衬衣 (could also be 上衣)
corset = 束腹 (or 束身衣)
belt = 腰带
Female belts = Female士腰饰
Waist cinching belt = 夏款腰带
Pants = 裤子
Lantern Pants = 灯笼裤
shorts = 短裤
Skirt = 裙/裙子
Pencil skirt = 西装裙 / 西服裙
Mermaid skirt = 鱼尾裙
Miniskirt = 超短裙 / 迷你裙
lolita skirt = 半身裙
generic term for socks = 袜子
ankle socks = 短袜
knee high socks = 中筒袜
pantyhose = 丝袜
loose socks = 泡泡襪
petticoat/pannier = 裙撑
underskirt = 内衬裙/底衬裙
Bloomers = 灯笼裤/南瓜裤
female shoes = Female鞋
Shoes = 鞋子
Boots = 靴子
ankle boots = 短靴
tall boots = 长靴
moccasin-like boots = 流苏靴
wedges = 松糕鞋/坡跟
heels = 高跟鞋
high heels (or heeled) = 高跟
flats = 平底鞋
foam soles = 松糕
sandals = 凉鞋
Gladiator sandals (or strappy sandals in general) = 罗马鞋
Mary janes = Female王鞋 (but it can get you other results too, especially fetish shoes... :/ But I think generally if you use this term, you will find thick-soled mary janes or just MJ in general)
NANA 鞋 = usually refers to rocking horse shoes. You could also try 松糕鞋 to get rocking horse shoes
creepers = 休闲鞋
dress shoes = 洋装鞋
accessories = 配饰 (could also be 配Piece or 小物)
headdress = 头 饰 (generic term for head items. Try 发梳 for hair accessories)
round headdress = 丸 型发饰
hair band = 发箍
straw hat = 草帽 (小草帽= mini straw hat)
bags = 包
tote bags = 环保袋
gloves = 手套 (refer to winter gloves. 蕾丝手套 will give you lace gloves)
Umbrella/parasol = 伞
Fake Nails = 假指甲
Nail Deco (most of the search results are gems ) = 指甲饰品
Nail Deco = 美甲材料 (You’ll more likely get results for the sort of things that you see in a lot of OTT lolita nails. Decocanes also tend to come up with you use this term.)
贴钻= another term you could use to find nail deco stuff. I think it comes up with better results than the previous terms.
Decocanes = 软陶
rings = 戒指
earrings = 耳环
necklace = 項鍊 / 项链
bracelets = 手环
wig = 假发
long bangs = 长刘海
long = 长
light = 浅
wavy curly hair = 波浪卷卷发
curly hair = 卷卷发
curls = 卷发
Sailor Moon = 美少Female戰士
doulbe tiger bun (double buns like miku) = 双虎口
Stripes = 纹
Tartan = 格子
Single-colour = 单色
Multi-colour = 多色
Ribbon = 緞帶
Wool = 毛呢
Cotton = 棉布
Silk = 丝绸
chiffon = 玻璃紗
Velvet = 平绒
leopard print = 豹纹
zebra print = 斑马纹
embroidery = 刺绣
Peter Pan collar (or rounded collars in general) = 小圆摆翻领
custom made = 定做
scallop edge = 花瓣下摆
applique = 刺绣 most often refer to embroidery stuff.
sailor fuku or sailor clothes in general = 水手服
蕾丝 is phonetic for lace. 緞帶 is the proper term. (But, on taobao you'll see 蕾丝 for lace instead.)
红 色= red
粉红色= pink
白色= white
黑色= black
蓝色= blue
紫色= purple
绿色= green
黄色= yellow
橘色= orange
咖啡色= brown
金色= gold color
银 色= silver color
anything Japan = 日式 / 日系 / 日本
Kimono = 和服
Oiran = 花魁
Geta = 下駄
Yukata = 浴衣
Hakama = 袴
Jinbei = 甚平
Junhitoe = 十二單
Tabi = 分趾鞋襪
Modern Obi: 腰封
Traditional Obi: 日本腰帯
anything Korean = 韩式 / 韩系 / 韩国
sweet = 甜美 (may not necessarily pertain to sweet lolita stuff)
candy = 糖果 (again, may not pertain to just sweet lolita stuff)
cute = 可爱
music note = 音符
heart shaped = 心形物
discounted/for sales items: 特价品
houseware = 家器
1/3 or 1/4 size: 1/3或1/4Size可做 (if you are into bjds!)

淑Female is more like "lady" than himegyaru.
可爱 means cute, and 蝴蝶结 / 蝴蝶 / 蕾丝 are as faerydragonet explained.
Here are my contributions:
洛丽塔= phonetic term for Lolita
西洋古董果子店= Dollscrops (the shop)
第六十九部門= 69th Department (the shop)
表面咒语= Surface Spell (the shop)
婴梵塔= Infanta (the shop)
蔷薇旋律= Rose Melody (the shop)
洛丽塔之梦= Dream of Lolita (the shop)
袜子= generic term for socks
短袜= ankle socks
中筒袜= knee high socks
丝袜= pantyhose (I love intricate, patterned pantyhose... <3)
洋装鞋= dress shoes
松糕= foam soles
高跟= high heels (or heeled)
凉鞋= sandals
罗马鞋= Gladiator sandals (or strappy sandals in general)
Female王鞋= Mary janes (but it can get you other results too, especially fetish shoes... :/ But I think generally if you use this term, you will find thick-soled mary janes or just MJ in general)
Female鞋= female shoes
环保袋= tote bags
NANA鞋= usually refers to rocking horse shoes. You could also try 松糕鞋 to get rocking horse shoes
长靴= tall boots
短靴= ankle boots
流苏靴= moccasin-like boots
衬衣= Blouse/cutsew (could also be 上衣)
束身衣= corset
贝壳衫= bolero
披肩= shawl
水手服= sailor fuku or sailor clothes in general
小外套= cardigan
洋装= generic term for dresses or sundresses.
半身裙= lolita skirt
裙撑= Petticoat or pannier
裙子= generic term for skirts
配饰= accessories (could also be 配Piece or 小物)
头饰= headdress (generic term for head items. Try 发梳 for hair accessories)
丸型发饰= round headdress
发箍= hair band
戒指= rings
耳环= earrings
手环= bracelets
草帽= straw hat (小草帽= mini straw hat)
包= bags
甜美= sweet (may not necessarily pertain to sweet lolita stuff)
糖果= candy (again, may not pertain to just sweet lolita stuff)
特价品= discounted/for sale items
小圆摆翻领= Peter Pan collar (or rounded collars in general)
定做= custom made
兔外套= bunny hoodies
红色= red
粉红色= pink
白色= white
黑色= black
蓝色= blue
紫色= purple
绿色= green
黄色= yellow
橘色= orange
咖啡色= brown
金色= gold color
银色= silver color
豹纹= leopard print
斑马纹= zebra print



同款 - Means 'same style' or like 'as seen on', try combining with celebrity names. If they aren't famous for their style or popular in China you may not get much.

Ex. W2C Fentys? Rihanna = 蕾哈娜, so search 蕾哈娜 同款.

明星 - Celebrity. Usually combined with 同款 above. Results in random reps. Mostly China celebs that show up but they wear good stuff

潮牌 - Means something like popular brand? Comes up with random high end streetwear mostly.

Ex. Sweater = 卫衣, so 潮牌 卫衣 will get you lots of Vetements

春 - Spring. Usually gotta combine this with other terms to work.

Ex. 2017 春 同款 for new spring summer items

秋冬 - FW (Fall winter), same as above

新款 - New style. Combine this with the word for shoes and get reps the first page lol. Can't give exact results but you may be pleasantly surprised.

Ex. Shoes = 鞋, so 16秋冬新款鞋 for FW 2016 shoes

家 - Literally means house, combine this with the first letter of the brand you are looking for and it's like 'house of'.

Ex. G家 could give you Gucci, Givenchy or Goyard items, most popular will come up first. Btw suggested this strategy as actually typing in Givenchy etc. comes up with auths

小香 - Nickname for Chanel

风 - Style. But also means wind so combine it with brand name to work!

Ex. Chanel style = 小香风

法国 - France. Can try this if you know the brand is from there

Brand - Brand. I've tried combining with France, doesn't come up with much, but if you start mixing in other terms you get more luck.

小蜜蜂 - Little bee, for Gucci bee motif items. Thanks u/reflutters


真皮 - Genuine leather

粗跟鞋 - Block heels

连衣裙 - Dress

T衫 - T-Shirt

包包 - Bag

大码Female装 - Plus size women's wear

卫衣 - Sweater

围巾 - Scarf

钥匙圈 - Keychain

袜子 - Socks




原单 - Auth fabrics & materials, or 'leftover' pieces from the auth factories that didn't pass quality assesment. IMO it's usually a false claim, but they are usually pretty good quality, so take it as 'high quality', not 'auth factory leftover'

尾货 - similar to term 'yuandan' above, but refers exclusively to supposed leftover items from factories

正品/zp - Authentic. More of a term to avoid haha, but occasionally sellers will attach it to high quality reps

INS - As seen on Instagram, can be used to find mid-range Instagram popular reps

大牌 - Big/famous brand

欧美 - Western (try 欧美大牌)

高端小众轻奢 - high end niche, can use to find indie reps

包邮 - Shipping included within China

复古 - Vintage/nostalgic

韩国 - Korean (thanks /u/LeXerPriMe for this and next two)

潮流 - Trending/Popular

青年 - Youth


皮衣 - Leather jacket

风衣 - Windbreaker

羽绒服 - Down jacket

夹克/外套 - Jacket

大衣 - Coat

运动裤 - Workout pants

九分裤 - Cropped pants

礼服 - Gown

内衣 - Bra

内裤 - Underwear

手提包 - Handbag (more specific term, mostly just 包包 is fine)

泳衣 - Swimsuit

睡衣 - Pyjamas

丝巾 - Silk scarf

钱包 - Wallet

项链 - Necklace

耳环 - Earring

手链 -Bracelet

腰带 - Belt

靴子 - Boots

芭蕾鞋 - Ballet shoes

拖鞋 - Slippers

凉鞋 - Sandals

穆勒鞋 - Mules

太阳帽 - Sun hat/cap


皮 - Literally means 'skin', but can be leather. Animal+皮 is the correct term, can also combine it with item types Edit: lol it's leather, forgot to add that