What products can be purchased from 1688.com?

Basically, there are all categories of items in 1688.com, as long as you can imagine. However, not all items can be purchased by you due to the shipping limitation or shipping cost. For example, if you are trying to ship items via normal express shipping, the following items will be restricted:

1. Liquid, Cream,

2. Powder

3. Chemicals,

4. Strong magnets

5. Knives or gun related items

6. Pure batteries.

For some large items, like wooden tables, office chairs, they are large, heavy and cheap in item cost, but shipping them will cost even 3-10 times more than the item cost itself. Even if you ship them in sea cargo, it will still cost a lot. Of course, if you find these items are with enough profit margin in your market considering all costs, you can still go ahead to purchase them.